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Wee College is a program designed to provide kids with biblical foundations for their Christian faith through easy-to-understand lessons and activities. 

Wee College is in session from mid-September till early March, with a few weeks off for Christmas Break. There are 10 weeks of teachings on the Old Testament and 11 weeks focusing on the New Testament. Then we wrap up the year with a year end celebration celebrating all that the kids have learned with their parents. Wee College runs on Tuesdays 3:30-5:00pm.

Program Overview:
1st Year: 10 Divisions of the Bible, The Lord’s Prayer, Psalm 100, 12 Individual Bible Verses
2nd Year: Names of the 66 Books Of the Bible, 10 Commandments, Psalm 23, 15 Individual Bible Verses
3rd Year: Review Divisions of the Bible, Names of the Books of the Bible, Psalm 23, 10 Commandments.  New: Psalm 150, The Armor of God, The Great Commission, 18 Individual Bible Verses

Wee College is exciting and challenging! There is nothing more exciting than watching these precious wee ones eagerly listen to God’s word and hide it in their heart! 

There is an annual fee per kid of $135. 

Important dates: 
Wee College begins September 20
Christmas break December 13 -December 27
Starts back up January 3 - February 28
Year end graduation March 7

Questions? Email 
Registration for this current year is closed, email us to enquire about future years.