media sunday teaching series

Have you ever felt a dream in your heart die or dissipate? We believe God has a dream, a purpose, and calling for your life and it's found in the death and resurrection of Jesus. Are you willing to Dream?

We desire to see people step into their God given calling. For people to live out the rhythms of life into the abundant life that God has uniquely purposed for them. A life filled with meaning, passion and joy. A life that brings glory to God.

April 12, 2020 // Easter Sunday

Alive Again

Tim Klassen
John 20-21

You can dream again. Jesus' resurrection transforms our past and sets us right to live out God's call in our lives.  


April 10, 2020 // Good Friday

Death of a Dream

Tim Klassen
John 18-19

In Jesus death can lead to life.

April 5, 2020 // Palm Sunday

Born to Dream

Tim Klassen
Matthew 16:13-26

God has a dream and he's wired us for his dream.