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February 5, 2023

EXODUS // Escape to Egypt

Exodus 4:18-31

Speaker: David Morelli

Worship is the human response to a holy God and the end goal of our rescue. Come
and see this reality as we continue our journey in Exodus with Moses’ return to Egypt.

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JANUARY 29, 2023

EXODUS // Holy Ground Pt. 2

Exodus 3:11-4:17

Speaker: David Morelli

When a holy God invites us to join him in what he wants to do in the world, it isn’t
always easy. In fact, we can often do what Moses did: resist God. In this message, we
get a first-hand look at this reality as Moses wrestles with God.

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JANUARY 22, 2023

EXODUS // Holy Ground

Exodus 3:1-10

Speaker: David Morelli

In Exodus 3, the main character of the story comes out from behind the scenes and
takes centre stage. As he does, the question is: who is this God? In this message we’ll
see God himself answer that for us.

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EXODUS // Moses

Exodus 2:1-25

Guest Speaker: Randy Friesen

God has a plan to answer the pain of the world and his plan includes people like you and me; and people like Moses. 

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JANUARY 8, 2023

EXODUS // Egypt

Exodus 1:1-22

David Morelli

The Book of Exodus is known for God’s rescue of his people. But before there is
rescue, there the reality of life in Egypt. And in Egypt, we sometimes have to look for
God a little bit harder to find hope in the midst of hardship.

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