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The Gospel of Luke

In this ancient biography, we encounter how Jesus fulfilled God's plan of salvation by coming to save all people who are lost in their sins.  In historically detailing who Jesus is and what he did on earth as fully God and fully man, Luke gives us insight into how the Holy Spirit is at work in God's mission.  In a world where questions abound about what is true and relevant, this New Testament book reminds us we can have confidence in the life and teaching of Jesus.

November 22, 2020 

When Things Go Wrong For The Righteous

Tim Klassen
Luke 1:5-25

What does it say about God when his followers experience difficulty and disappointment?


November 15, 2020 

Hold On To This

Jesse Wilson
Luke 1:1-4

Is the story of Jesus true?  Does this ancient story matter today?  The tone and purpose of Luke’s gospel encourages us to embrace the invitation to have the story of Jesus shape our story today.