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Kingdom Building Into the Future


The Central Heights Legacy Fund is an opportunity to invest in a capital fund that will support strategic Kingdom building activities now and into the future. The invested capital funds will be used to provide for capital projects and ongoing support for strategic opportunities through Legacy Fund Bursaries.

The Central Heights Legacy Fund is ideal for large, irregular gifts that intentionally go beyond normal giving toward the annual operating budget. It can be used for immediate contributions or as part of an Estate Plan to bless future generations while generating tax benefits.



A Legacy Committee appointed by, and reporting to, the Central Heights Elders Board will oversee the Legacy Fund and Legacy Fund Bursary. 10% of all contributions to the fund will be directed to a Central Heights Church special capital project or building maintenance fund for immediate use. The balance (90%) will be deposited with Abundance Canada to be managed according to the direction of the Legacy Committee. Each year up to 5% of the year-end balance will be made available for use in pursuing the three strategic opportunities. The Legacy Committee will recommend a disbursement plan for the year to the Elders Board and the Board will make the final grant decisions.


Annual Central Heights Legacy Fund disbursements began in 2018. The Fund will be managed on a calendar year basis with the following timeline: The Legacy Committee will determine and advertise the funds available for disbursement by January 15th each year. Applications for funding will be received until Mar 31st. The Legacy Committee will submit a recommended disbursement plan to the Elders Board by April 15th with the intention that grant disbursements will be finalized by April 30th.

Who will be Eligible to Apply for Grants?

To be eligible, applicants must have a clearly demonstrated connection with Central Heights Church.


The myth exists that making a significant gift to a charity, either in your will or through a current legacy gift, is like partially disinheriting your family. The reality, for most, is by making a legacy gift they are in fact disinheriting the taxman and adopting a charity child! Someone or something you actually care about. Why is that? With the donation tax credit, most donors will receive almost half their gift back in tax credits. So think of being able to make your gift for half price! All these tax savings from CRA.

Invitation to Participate

This is an exciting new opportunity to participate in the building of God’s Kingdom. Please consider if Christ is calling you to make an investment that will last more than a lifetime!


“The Legacy Fund Bursary has given me the opportunity to grow as a leader as I share the Gospel with university students. This support has allowed me to give more of my time to reaching students and in the past year we have planted a new ministry at UBC that has grown to 30 students actively sharing their faith with their friends. I am extremely thankful for the support of my church family.”  Jacob Penner - Every Nation Vancouver

“Central Heights Family, have blessed me richly with your support! It has been a dream for many years to pursue my Masters degree, and to do this through Trinity Western University, while I am living in Papua, Indonesia is wonderful! I began my MA TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) in January. I am enjoying it, and have plans to complete my Masters in approximately 2 years time. I am very grateful for your financial help … this is a big undertaking, but I am trusting that God will lead and provide as he wills.”  Julene Uganecz - Mission Aviation Fellowship

Contact Information

To find out more about the Legacy Fund please contact the Central Heights Church office or contact a Legacy Committee member to arrange a Kingdom investment discussion.

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