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Community Groups are where deep relationships are formed and the way we intentionally help people grow in following Jesus all 168 hours of the week. They are a place to welcome others into community and a team to bring the love of Jesus into the city by serving together.

Qualifications For Being A Group Leader

Loves Jesus and are actively becoming more like Him as you follow him all 168 hours of the week. 

A humble posture, exemplified by depending on the Spirit to live and lead, and a willingness to serve and love others.

Teachable and willing to be poured into both on a personal and leadership level. 

Willing to be a carrier of the CHC culture and the values of Community Groups.

Committed to shepherd a Community Group and empower others to lead in an area of your group (EX. Provide hospitality/hosting, mobilize the group to serve in the city, be the one to communicate to the rest of the group, lead group times or prayer times, etc.) 

New Leader Collectives

To multiply new leaders and groups, twice a year we host community based training environments designed to prepare you to launch and lead effective groups.

Learn about New Leader Collectives [ click here ]

Group Huddles

To care for and equip group leaders, we bring them together several times throughout the year for the sole purpose of helping them encounter Jesus and be renewed in His presence, together.

Learn about Group Huddles [ click here ]

Apply To Be A Group Leader

It takes a team to see people experience community, growth, and to serve our city. If you are feeling led by God to lead a group, click on the button below to request an application form. If you have any questions, please contact us at

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