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Building marriages that last a lifetime.

That’s the Central Heights Church vision for marriage that we want to make a reality for every couple in our community.

Our recent Alpha Marriage Course was a wonderful gathering, here are some comments:

  • Touched by your care for our family. May God bless the good you have done, the planning, emails, positive spirit you brought! - Husband
  • We realized we hadn't taken the time to discuss certain issues in our marriage. This  course was a game changer. - Husband
  • I feel like I learned more about our relationship and marriage over the last 6 weeks than in 3 years! - Husband
  • Gave me hope. Gave us both valuable insights, real life examples and tools to carry on and work on having a more loving relationship. - Wife
  • We loved the set up for it - Lunch, Childcare included and how many weeks it lasted. It was perfect for busy families. - Wife
  • This has been amazing! It had amazing food and we were so impressed every week. We felt so honored and were impressed with how welcoming the team was. - Wife
  • Thank you for an amazing opportunity to learn and grow.  Ability to talk about tough stuff and know we're not alone. Thank you!!!  - Wife

Another "The Marriage Course (Alpha)" is planned for January 2025.

Marriage Mentoring

Newly engaged (or thinking about it) or maybe you have been married a while and find you could use some extra input to strengthen your relationship? Click here for more information.

Toonie Book Table

Usually the second Sunday of each month in the foyer. (If you have bought a book in the past, and want to trade it in for another book, there is no charge!)


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