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Building marriages that last a lifetime.

That’s the Central Heights Church vision for marriage that we want to make a reality for every couple in our community.

Marriage Mentoring

Newly engaged (or thinking about it) or maybe you have been married a while and find you could use some extra input to strengthen your relationship? Click here for more information.


These can be accessed through RightNow Media * that we would recommend for couples who want to spend time working on their marriages are:

The Meaning of Marriage by Timothy & Kathy Keller

His Needs, Her Needs by William Harley

The Good Fight by Les & Leslie Parrott

A Lifelong Love by Gary Thomas

The Smart Step Family by Ron Deal

Financial Stress in Marriage by Dave Ramsay

* if you do not yet have a login for RightNow Media and would like one, please contact Becky and an invite will be sent to you.


The Marriage Ministry has a number of books available for purchase for a toonie.

If you are interested in a particular marriage book or topic, email the marriage ministry at and someone will get back to you about arranging either a pickup or drop off of a book about marriage or family topics.

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