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Prayer is not just a ritual or obligation. It is a dynamic, active, and essential part of us putting ourselves in a position to experience God’s goodness and activity. We are invited into this powerful privilege by Jesus which empowers us to pray with frequency and faith.


8AM SUNDAY Our weekend gatherings are essential in anchoring ourselves in the reality of Jesus. Prayer plays a critical role in maximizing these services for God’s glory and for our good. We spend an hour praying for this hour on Zoom from 8-9am every Sunday.

6AM TUESDAY Join a committed group of early risers who seek God in prayer every Tuesday from 6am to 7am on Zoom.

12PM WEDNESDAY Prayer Walk The “U District” - as we seek the flourishing of our city, our immediate neighbourhood is a strategic place to start. Start at 1661 McCallum road from 12pm - 1pm - alone, or with a group of regulars - as we ask God to do what only he can: bless and breakthrough.


Prayer Chain

Life together is better than life alone.  In every situation, we can present our requests to our good God.

If you would like prayer, our team is available to connect confidentially and individually with you for prayer via email, over the phone, or on Zoom. 

You can also send us a written prayer request to a network of over 100 people in our prayer network here at Central Heights. Message our prayer team at or send us an email at!

  • SUNDAYS - Prayer Ministry (after service)


Real life stories of where God is at work are catalysts for our faith.  We want to hear what you've been hearing from God or where you are seeing him at work.

And, if there are certain things he is highlighting for you (Scripture, words, pictures, promptings) to pray/proclaim let us know!

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Prayer Chain
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