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Prayer is not just a ritual or obligation. It’s a dynamic, active, and essential part of of us knowing God and putting ourselves in a position to experience his goodness and activity. We are invited into this by Jesus, who empowers us to pray with frequency and faith.

SUNDAY Every Sunday our Conference Room is open at 9:00am for you to join others in prayer prior to the Sunday gathering. At 9:25am is our pre-service prayer huddle with our pastors, worship, and teach team. Our Conference Room is located on the main level at the south end of our church office hallway.

TUESDAY Every Tuesday at 6:00am a group gathers online to pray for our church and the world. Join the prayer huddle - click here.

the prayer roomTHURSDAY Every Thursday from 6:30-7:30am in Nikkel Hall we gather at The Prayer Room. Encounter God and intercede for our world. Everyone welcome!


In whatever situation you find yourself in, you can ask God for help. We’re here to support you in that. 

DURING THE WEEK If you’d like someone to pray with you and for you, our team is ready and willing to do that in a confidential way over email, online, or over the phone. 

ON SUNDAY Our prayer team is available every Sunday after the service to pray with you and for what you are asking God to do in your life. 

ELDER PRAYER The Bible encourages us to bring our pain, our stories, and our need for healing to those who oversee the spiritual health and direction of the church (elders) for prayer (see James 5:13-15). If you’d like the elders to pray for you, you can reach out here -

PRAYER CHAIN We have a group of over 100 people in our prayer network full of people who are committed to pray for any requests that come in. You can send in a written prayer request to this prayer team at or by email at prayer@centralheights.caPrayer chain requests are monitored regularly during church office hours and at least once every 24 hours on weekends, with the possible exception of holidays.


Prayer Chain
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Real life stories of where God is at work can be powerful catalysts for our faith. If God has been moving in your life, we want to hear from you! 

Is God highlighting something for you in Scripture? 

Is there a word or picture or prompting from God that has impacted you?

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