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The Media/Tech Track is a one year experience (Sept-Jun) designed to train aspiring storytellers to tell the story of Jesus in a digital world. Through a combination of hands-on learning and in class teaching, we want to see the next generation be given the tools to help both churches and non-profit organizations use media and technology to help people encounter and enjoy Jesus. 

The Media/Tech Track has two main components:


By working alongside experienced media practitioners within the context of a local church, interns will practice and grow in their ability to use media and technology to help people encounter Jesus and experience his story. Interns will both learn and gain experience in the following areas throughout the program:

Sound and sound editing

Speaking in a digital space



Video and Film Editing

Graphic Design

Social Media

Communication: writing to the church and unchurched





We believe in helping leaders think well. That’s why, together with the Ministry Apprentices, interns in the Media/Tech track will experience theological and leadership based teaching to help them both know and follow Jesus and have a Gospel-centred framework from which to use media and technology. 



The internship experience is module based. Each month, interns will participate in a learning module that includes in class teaching and the opportunity to practice that skill in one of our ministry environments (Church Online production, Sunday Gatherings, CHC Studio projects). 

Each module is led by experienced media practitioners who will guide both the classroom learning and the on the ground practical experience. 


Media/Tech track launches Fall 2022. Applications will be open May 2022.