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COVID-19 forces new realities upon us. We've created a system that's safe, flexible, sustainable, and respectful of government guidelines. But most importantly, we believe we are more positioned than ever to seek a movement of God among students in our city.
Check out our monthly rhythm below to see how we hope to get there.

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Youth@CHC: Thursdays, 7-9pm - An on-site event, potentially split into two smaller groups on separate sides of the church.  Registration required, physically distanced, masked.

LifeGroups: Thursdays, 7-9pm - Separated by grade and gender. Depending on a variety of factors (current restrictions, availability, plans, weather, comfort levels, etc.), this may involve being outside, at an event location, at the church, or in a home. Registration required, physically distanced, masks dependent upon circumstances. 

Youth in the City: Our leaders will be reaching out to students in informal ways that can be easily personalized. These informal spaces are smaller (and thus safer), more sustainable, and more flexible during the constantly shifting realities of COVID-19. These connections may not always occur on a Thursday night.  


Registration form - once per year per student: Youth Registration for 2020/2021 [click here]

Parent Consent Form - once per year for all students per family Parent Consent Form [click here]


Youth Sept/Oct 2020 Calendar [click here]

After checking the calendar for the plan for each week, click on registration buttons below to sign up.

There is a limit of 35 students at each event at CHC. 
Please register by 3:00pm on Thursdays to ensure your spot. If you come and aren’t registered in advance, you may not be able to attend.

  1. Grades 9&10: Register here
  2. Grades 11&12: Register here
  3. Grades 7&8: Register here
  4. Grade 6 Welcome: Register here for students and parents/guardians. 


Nathan Archer, Youth Pastor


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