media sunday teaching series

March 24, 2019

The Commission: I Just Can't Stop Talking About It!

Matthew 28:16-20

Lyndon Plett

Have you ever experienced something so incredible you just can't stop talking about it? Jesus' disciples did, and it took them from fear and denial to 'we cannot stop telling about everything we have seen and heard'.  What did they experience, and how can their experience help us become a movement of more and growing followers of Jesus Christ?



March 17, 2019

The Commandment Part 3 : Loving God While Loving Your Neighbour

Matthew 22:36-40

Tim Klassen

In loving our neighbour, God is the standard and God is the supply.




March 10, 2019

The Commandment Part 2 : Loving God With Your Mind

Matthew 22:36-38

Jesse Wilson

Loving God doesn't require leaving reason. We can investigate history, science, and scripture to see that these things motivate us to love God with all of our capacity.



March 3, 2019

The Commandment Part 1 : Loving God With Your Heart

Matthew 22:34-40

Tim Klassen

God’s great commandment invites us into the greatest experience of love.