media sunday teaching series

The Gospel of Luke

In this ancient biography, we encounter how Jesus fulfilled God's plan of salvation by coming to save all people who are lost in their sins.  In historically detailing who Jesus is and what he did on earth as fully God and fully man, Luke gives us insight into how the Holy Spirit is at work in God's mission.  In a world where questions abound about what is true and relevant, this New Testament book reminds us we can have confidence in the life and teaching of Jesus.

APRIl 11, 2021 

Can You See?

David Morelli
Luke 24:13-35
The empty tomb is both confusing and amazing. Thankfully, Jesus is willing to journey with us to help us see both its truth and significance. 


March 28, 2021 

Impressive Entrance

Jesse Wilson
Luke 19:28-48
In a dramatic sequence of scenes from Luke’s gospel, we’re confronted about what we really think about when we think about Jesus.



March 21, 2021 

What is God Like?

Jesse Wilson
Luke 15:1-32
What Jesus does shows us who God is. In one of the most important and foundational chapters in the Bible we are invited to understand and experience a God who lovingly seeks to save people and bring them back to where they belong.


March 14, 2021 

Planning To Be Ready

Tim Klassen
Luke 12:35-48, 13:22-30
How you live for the second coming impacts every day of your eternity.


March 7, 2021 

Jesus on Anxiety

Tim Klassen
Luke 12:13-34
Jesus invites us to look at life differently opening the door to the kind of life that lives free from worry.


 FEBRUARY 28, 2021 

This is Prayer

Jesse Wilson
Luke 11:1-13
Why is prayer important? How do I do it? What even is it? Why should I have to pray more than once? There are so many questions around such a big part of Christianity. What Jesus teaches us is that what we experience in life can change because of who we can pray to.


FEBRUARY 21, 2021 

Won't You Be My Neighbour?

Lyndon Plett
Luke 10:25-37
It's a beautiful day in the neighbourhood! But the question is, "Who is my neighbour?"


FEBRUARY 14, 2021 

Following the Glorious Christ

Tim Klassen
Luke 9:18-36
Nothing will shake and shape you like getting a greater glimpse into the glory of Jesus.


FEBRUARY 7, 2021 

The Long Journey

David Morelli
Luke 8:1-15

The space between where you are now and the person you want to become, is the space where Jesus does his greatest work.


January 31, 2021 

The Heart of the Matter

Nathan Archer
Luke 6:20-49

Today, the 2000-year-old words of Jesus often feel too familiar to elicit any significant response. But if we are able to remove our cultural numbness, perhaps this ancient wisdom will continue to offer transformation, even now.


January 24, 2021 

Following Jesus: The Calling and the Cost

Tim Klassen
Luke 5:1-11,27-32

The intention of Jesus is to multiply his mission in those who believe. This demands a cost on our part but that is both necessary and joy filled in light of who calls us and what we are called into.   


January 17, 2021 

When God Shows Up

Tim Klassen
Luke 4:14-21,31-41

Jesus' mission is amazing both to receive from and to participate in. 


January 10, 2021 

Into the Wild

Jesse Wilson
Luke 4:1-13

Each of us want to be understood and have moments/relationships where people really “get us” and know what we’re feeling. Christianity claims that we can put ourselves in position to experience God, because God put himself in a position to be one of us.



January 3, 2021 

An Old Word For A New Year

Jesse Wilson
Luke 3:1-20

If God were building something big, what would it take to experience it? In part 8 of our series in the Gospel of Luke, we look at the potential power and joy of “repentance.” 


December 27, 2020 

Positioned For Encounter

Tim Klassen
Luke 2:22-38
What does it look like to position ourselves to encounter God? These people didn't miss their moment. 



December 20, 2020 

Overwhelmed by Christmas

Jesse Wilson
Luke 2:1-21
Is there something from this ancient story that should be taken seriously this Christmas season? The Bible gives us a record of a surprising and dynamic moment in human history that, like an artistic masterpiece, is something to fully know and deeply love here and now.


December 13, 2020 

The Big Shift

Tim Klassen
Luke 1:57-80
God's working in history has often required a shift in those who are called to participate in what he is doing.



December 6, 2020 

The Overflow of One's Heart - Mary's Song

Rushia Klassen
Luke 1:39-56 is a story of faith, God's favour and faithfulness expressed in Mary's Song. Mary's song is full of adoration and truth of God's character, her understanding of how he sees her and her response.  It is an encouragement for all people who know and serve God. 


November 29, 2020 

The Space Between

David Morelli
Luke 1:26-38

In the waiting, we can trust in the unrivalled ability of our God to come through.



November 22, 2020 

When Things Go Wrong For The Righteous

Tim Klassen
Luke 1:5-25

What does it say about God when his followers experience difficulty and disappointment?




November 15, 2020 

Hold On To This

Jesse Wilson
Luke 1:1-4

Is the story of Jesus true?  Does this ancient story matter today?  The tone and purpose of Luke’s gospel encourages us to embrace the invitation to have the story of Jesus shape our story today.