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Young adults shape the culture of tomorrow and today. Our world needs prayerful, compassionate, Spirit-empowered young adults like you. Join a community of people seeking to follow Jesus alongside one another in our city.


Life together is better than life alone. Community groups are our primary vehicle to connect with one another, to follow Jesus, and to seek the kingdom of God in our city. We have groups that specifically target young adults and groups that are more multi-generational in nature.

To join a group specifically for young adults, click the “Young Adult Community Group” button below. For a multi-generational group, click the “All Groups” button.

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We are currently hiring a part-time Young Adults Director. Working in close conjunction with the Pastor of Groups, the Young Adults Director will (1) oversee occasional large gatherings for Young Adults in our city, (2) build and support a team of volunteers to run these events, and (3) personally connect with Young Adults in our church, especially new ones. For more information, see our posting below.

YA Director Posting [ click here ] 


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