media sunday teaching series

November 4, 2018

The Lord’s Prayer: Words That Change Your World

Matthew 6:9-13

Tim Klassen

It's the who we pray to that makes the world of difference.


OCTOBER 28, 2018

The Lord’s Prayer: Battlefront

Matthew 6:9-13

Jesse Wilson

Prayer is a game changer in the battle against the forces that leave us empty and destroyed.


OCTOBER 21, 2018

The Lord’s Prayer: Free to Forgive

Matthew 6:9-13

Michael Pawelke

In forgiveness we find freedom and in that freedom we are able to forgive.


OCTOBER 14, 2018

The Lord’s Prayer: The Will That Wins

Matthew 6:9-13

Tim Klassen

To pray God’s will is to participate in the best for ourselves and for the world. 


OCTOBER 7, 2018

The Lord’s Prayer: Where Need Meets Provision

Matthew 6:9-13

Tim Klassen

It’s in us to pray, we just need to see how much we need God and how ready God is to meet us in our need every day.



SEPTEMBER 30, 2018

The Lord’s Prayer: Seeking God’s Reign

Matthew 6:9-13

David Morelli

‘Your Kingdom come’
Before prayer is about us, it’s about God and his reign.


SEPTEMBER 23, 2018

The Lord’s Prayer: Getting the Name Right

Matthew 6:9-13

Tim Klassen

'Hallowed be your name.'
In prayer, we start right, by getting the name right.  




September 16, 2018

The Lord's Prayer: Plural, Personal, Powerful

Tim Klassen

Matthew 6:9-13

Breaking into the barrier of the unseen world in the most privileged relationship with the one who rules it all.



September 9, 2018

The Call to Prayer

Guest Speaker

A study of the history of prayer in scripture.

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