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I find that one of the most meaningful and insightful experiences is to hear someone tell their story. We all have one. And each of them is unique.

Every church has its own unique story too, but as a church what brings us together is a story beyond ourselves and bigger than ourselves – God’s story.

If you’ve been to a good movie lately, you’ve likely seen that every good story has at least four pivotal elements.

First, a story begins with the set up, the origins. We might even call it backstory. In God's story, it's called creation. Creation is good, magnificent even. An everyday paradise. 

But, as in so many stories that grip us, something goes wrong. The characters become discontented. There is brokenness. Separation. The story falters. Frustration. Things are not right. All of us can identify with this part of the story.

We hope for a turning point. A rescue. For each of us, a redeeming of the paradise lost.  

Enter Jesus - the central character - the one who comes and by giving his life away brings a new life to those who believe. It's a redemption - and one that has already broken into the story but its full effect is yet to come - that full and future restoration.

We all love a happily ever after, don’t we? But is it really possible?

In God's story the answer is yes. In God's story there is a restoration and the world is even better than when it began.

Based on this story - who God is and what he has done, and what he will do, a community of faith was established in Abbotsford in 1950. 225 people met together, sharing their lives and stories with a bigger purpose to live out and share God’s story in their city and around the world.

Fast forward to today and that intention still exists. You may have known disappointment in your life. Despair or even devastation. Maybe it just lacks meaning. 

I believe you were meant for more than that. I believe God redeems and restores and that he has a better story for you to be part of. We’d love to have you join us as we pursue that together.

Tim Klassen, Lead Pastor