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We believe life together is better than life alone. 


Men’s Night is an opportunity to be together as men, learning, discussing and wrestling with what following Jesus means practically. This sets all of us up to live out the mission he calls us to, 168 hours of the week.

Men’s Night is Thursdays at 7pm at the church. Register for a class below.

We currently are offering 6 options:


THE BOOK OF LUKE (Facilitator: Lyndon)

Sometimes it's good to go back to the source.  The book of Luke is full of first hand accounts of people's interactions with Jesus, and the impact his life had on them.  As apprentices of Jesus, we want to explore these interactions to see how these examples can impact and shape our own lives. (This study will be very conversational, much like the studies we have done at past men's weekends.) 

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God has wired us for "shoulder to shoulder time" with other men. Hanging out, playing together, fixing stuff, or breaking stuff. No matter what it is...together is better, especially when it is around a common shared purpose. In this workshop we will explore Jesus' command to love our neighbour as well as other scriptures looking for ways to build deeper and lasting friendships.  

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THE BOOK OF ACTS (Facilitator: Nick)

Have you ever thought of how Christianity began? When? Where? How? This fascinating period in history filled with power, miracles, excitement, yet surrounded with much pain and tribulations for those involved. Come and explore the aftermath when Jesus left his apostles with the promise of the Holy Spirit. Come and learn how this bunch of uneducated fishermen and nobodies turned the world upside down, with nothing but a shaky faith and witness their transformation by the promised Holy Spirit.

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REGROUP (Facilitator: Chris)

ReGroup is a place where men work through the challenges related to their pornography and/or sexual addiction. It’s where freedom begins. Dr. Dave Currie says, “Boys make excuses – Men make changes!” We believe men make men! ReGroup is your new Band of Brothers who will call you to greatness through a community of both GRIT and GRACE. We believe though you come as you are – you won’t stay as you are!

What to Expect: Support. Challenge. Freedom. Encouragement. Connection. Men standing with you in your recovery. It’s a working group – you come to work! Then, you go home to work. Showing up regularly is essential but not enough. Expect to hear and discuss solid and God-anchored recovery teaching by group leaders or through an instructional video. All men “check-in” – being accountable for their purity and their commitment to do their work each week.

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ABIDE (Facilitator: Peter) -- October 26 through May 30, 2024 -- 6:30-8:00pm

Romans 12:2 says to let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think. Teach me Lord.
Please help me God to be renewed.

Some questions for you to ponder:
Does God still speak today? How can I learn to hear His voice?
Can I be set free?What needs to change in me to abide in Jesus?
How can I sense God’s presence all day long?
How can I increase my desire to pray, read God's word and spend time with Jesus?
How can I learn how to disciple others, like the Great Commission tells me? If these questions resonate with you, the Holy Spirit may be drawing you to “Abide”, an ancient biblical pathway.

Materials are available in the following languages: French, Spanish, Farsi, German and Russian.

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GROW CHARACTER (Facilitator: Peter)

You can now sign up for the next step once you completed Abide, where you will learn and mature in your spiritual walk: Grow Character.

In Grow character, you will encounter God in the areas of:
        ◦       Forgiveness,
        ◦       emotional healing,
        ◦       destructive family patterns,
        ◦       live generously,
        ◦       guards against the traps of sex, money and power.
        ◦       Much more

Looking forward to see you in Grow Character, IF you have completed Abide.

We meet Thursday nights 8-9pm at Peter’s home September 28 through May 30.

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