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We believe life together is better than life alone. 

Men’s night is an opportunity to be together as men, learning, discussing and wrestling with what following Jesus means practically. This sets all of us up to live out the mission he calls us to. 

Our individual groups classes began January 28. Given the current Covid restrictions, we plan to begin online using zoom. Should opportunity present itself, we hope to then transition to in person meetings.

We currently are offering 4 group/class options

ABIDE (Peter Noteltiers)

‘Abide in me, and I in you. As the branch cannot bear fruit by itself, unless it abides in the vine, neither can you, unless you abide in me.’ John 15:4 

Jesus invites us to a relationship, a way of living, not a program. He wants to produce fruit in our lives as we Abide in him. But how? How do you Abide? What does it look like to Abide in Jesus?

We will be exploring what it means to abide in Jesus by learning to spend time with him, learning the value of journaling and learning to hear his voice.

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SOUL CARE (Nick Cadorette) Part 1

(The current Soul Care group from before Christmas will continue meeting separately, with this new group starting the course from the beginning.) 

Many of us feel like there is something broken inside. We want to change and be free of old habits and beliefs but don’t know where to begin. Soul Care addresses this, not with a behaviour modification plan, but rather an examination of 7 principles that, when embraced and lived out, can lead to lasting transformation, freedom, and a healthy soul. These principles include:

Securing your identity
Breaking family sin patterns
Forgiving others
Healing wounds
Overcoming fears

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The Sanctuary course is an 8 week course that explores mental health. Topics include understanding mental health and illness, challenging stigma, the recovery journey, companionship, self-care, and the role of community in mental health recovery. Each topic is explored from a psychological, social, and theological perspective. Additionally, each session is accompanied by a compelling film featuring the story of an individual who has journeyed through mental health challenges as a person of faith. 

The Sanctuary Course is open to anyone, whether you simply have questions about mental health, are a mental health professional, are supporting a loved one with mental health problems or are living with mental health problems yourself. The course is for anyone who wants to learn about faith and mental health, no previous training or expertise necessary. Gatherings will be held on Zoom and will include pre-reading, as well as video content, discussion, reflection and prayer for each session.


CONQUER SERIES (Chris Boschman)

“Try Smarter Not Harder” 

Let's face it. You've been trying harder and it hasn't worked. What starts out as a moral problem, quickly becomes a brain problem. Often, men who are searching for freedom from sexual addiction fail miserably, partly because they don’t understand the brain.

Understanding the brain is so important in this battle. Men in sexual bondage go through a cycle of triggering, ritual and acting out. Discover how to renew your mind and break destructive patterns.