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Serve Chain
A simple, and effective way to stay aware of the practical needs that you may have a hand in meeting. To sign up, text "Serve" to (833) 312-6709 or send an email to

If you are interested in any of the following opportunities, please contact us.

Door Hosts
What is needed: A friendly face and a warm welcome.
Frequency: 1 - 2 Sundays a month. 

Welcome Centre 
What is needed: A friendly face and the ability to help people find answers to their questions on a Sunday morning. Will provide training and a partner as needed.
Frequency: 1 Sunday a month. 

Jackson School Breakfast Club
What is needed: Teams of 2 or 3 to make and serve breakfast for elementary school students.  (FoodSafe is not required but an added help)
Frequency: 1 morning a week.

Jackson Elementary School Readers
What is needed: Individuals to do extra reading with students during the school day.
Frequency: Preferably weekly, but as able.

Jackson Elementary School Event Volunteers
What is needed: Occasional events require volunteers to facilitate fun!
Frequency: 3-5 times a year. 

Care and Compassion
What is needed: Individuals to connect with and care for people who are isolated, in crisis or in need of care.
Frequency: As available.

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