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Everyone should have a place where they are accepted, can safely be themselves, meet new people and connect with friends. 

Here's how we aim to make that happen for youth in grades 6 to 12: 

Big Events: memorable experiences that are engineered for the epic.

Youth@CHC Events: nights of sensory overload where energy is burned, friendships are built, and Jesus is the focus. 

LifeGroups: strategically created by gender and grade, and matched with specific leaders, our small groups are where we best connect with one another and with God.  

So if you’re a student, 
no matter what school you go to, no matter what you believe about life or God, we want to spend Thursday evenings with you. 

Come and see what the hype is about! 

Central Heights’ West Entrance doors open at 7pm.

Jesse Wilson, Pastor​


Stay connected on Facebook and Instagram for our summer events!

Youth@CHC LAUNCHES a new year on Thursday, September 20!

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Engaging, equipping, and empowering the youth of Abbotsford to follow Jesus.

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