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In-Person Study

The Life You Long For (4 week study)

Motivated to please God, we often resort to hustle and achievement as we seek to follow him and love others. We begin to find our worth in what we do. But God calls us to find our identity in the quiet center of his love.

In this four-session series with Christy Nockels, learn how to step fully into the life you didn’t even realize you’ve been seeking. Find your highest calling not in a duty to uphold but in a beautiful identity to live out.

Thursdays 10-11:30am in the Women's Centre beginning July 8.
*There is a limited number of spots due to COVID restrictions

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Zoom Summer Study

GALATIANS: The Transformative Gospel ‘Rejecting Distortion to Claim Freedom in Christ'

With shifting cultural norms and evolving theology, it can be difficult find our footing as followers of Jesus. Paul reminds of us the importance of keeping the cross central and rejecting any other gospel. It is through making hard choices to follow the way of Christ, that we will find the freedom only he can give.

Gina Balzer will lead the 5 week study on Wednesday mornings on Zoom from 9-10:30am beginning June 30.

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