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Thanks for joining us for Spring in a Box! 

We hope you enjoy your Spring in a Box! As you follow along with the cards and the devotional in the box, be sure to use these photos, links and ideas throughout Spring Break and Easter to add to your daily activities! 

If you have any questions, please email us and let us know -

Spring Break Activities:

Plant A Seed - Photo Ideas

 grow  grow  grow


Chalk Art - Photo Ideas

 chalk  chalk


Games Night - Extra Game Ideas

Ran out of game ideas at home? Check these out:

Charades App

Heads Up App

Kahoot - Check out these two trivia games:

Disney Trivia

Superhero -


Life is Fun. Eat it Up! - Recipe Ideas


Time to build a fort! - Fort Ideas

fort  fort

fort  fort


Dance Party

Spotify Playlists: 

Spring - Kids:

Monkey Dance:

Easter Activities

For Easter week we have a Worship Spotify playlist for you: Spring - Worship:


Sunday, March 28

Palm Sunday Kids Church@Home

Preschool link:

Elementary link:

Minute To Win It Game Ideas:

Sticker Picker Upper - Supplies for this game are in your box!

How to play: Place three Easter themed stickers sticky side up on a flat circular pizza pan. With one egg placed in the middle and only using one hand, roll the egg around the platter to stick each sticker to it. Sample video:

Egg Dance      

How to play: Balance two eggs on separate flat circular pizza pans held in each hand while traveling from point A to point B - Sample video:

Peeps in the Nest

How to play: A team of two tries to see how many peeps they can toss in a bucket in one minute. The team with the most peeps wins. If you don’t have peeps, you can use marshmallows or little balls of paper. Sample video:

Easter Tic Tac Toe

How to play: 2 players play a game of “Tic Tac Toe” by taking turns to toss “Easter eggs” (Easter Eggs/ping pong balls/bouncy balls/balls of paper - whatever you have around the house) into 9 plastic bowls/cups on the table. The first player to get 3 “Easter eggs” in the plastic bowls in a horizontal, vertical or diagonal row, wins. 

Supplies and Set-up: Place a table in the center. Arrange 9 plastic bowls/cups on the table in a 3×3 grid. Secure the bowls to the tables using sticky tack or tape.

You will need at least 18 “Easter eggs”, 9 for each player, and ideally one color for each player.


Tuesday, March 30

Matthew 6:26 - Our God Provides - Photo Sample


Thursday, April 1 

Missionary Connection

Amanda Doerksen -

Megan Rintoul -

Uganecz Family -

Cynthia Friesen -

To see a list of all of the missionaries we support, click here!


Friday, April 2

Look to the Cross! 

Join us for our Good Friday Service [click here]

Stations of the Cross Colouring Pages [click here]

Parents, here are a few other videos that walk through Easter for Kids. We’ve also added a couple videos that explain communion.  


Bible Project - Good Friday    

What’s in the Bible - True meaning of Easter 

Communion Videos: 

What’s in the Bible - Communion

What is Communion


Sunday, April 4 - Easter Sunday

Jesus is risen! 

Watch our Easter Sunday Kids Church@Home together as a family. 

Preschool Videos

Elementary Videos

Easter Church@ Home 


Pull Apart Egg Craft

For further pictures and instructions on this craft, check out this website - /



Monday, April 5 - Easter Monday

Happy Easter! 

Today we have a bonus Kids Church@Home for you. Check it out here!

Happy Easter!!

Thank you again for joining us for Spring in a Box!