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Meet the team of pastors who serve at Central Heights Church. We are here to serve you and would love to get to know you better.

David MorelliLead Pastor

Lead Pastor

David is passionate about helping the next generation live for Jesus. He loves teaching the Bible and reading to expand his mind and form his heart. If he's not reading, David likes to get lost in a good movie and in listening to his vinyl record collection. His greatest enjoyment is his wife Kathryn and spending time with his sons Levi and Jack.  

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Kids PastorDarLee-Ann Macphail

Kids Pastor

DarLee-Ann is enthusiastic about seeing kids and families love God and live out their faith throughout the week. Her heart is that every kid knows that God made them

, God loves them and He is always with them. Time with family is a priority for DarLee-Ann. From Taekwondo, to camping, to movie nights, she's up for anything that gives her time to laugh and have fun with her husband Andrew and their two boys, Aidan and Nathan. 

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Connections PastorLyndon Plett

Connections Pastor

Lyndon enjoys helping people find a sense of community in a variety of settings.  He’s passionate about all ages discovering their God given identity and unique gifting. He uses fun and sometimes 'bizarre' object lessons to teach biblical truth, practicing this skill as camp speaker at Camp Stillwood and anywhere else he has an opportunity to teach. Alongside his wife Doretha, Lyndon loves spending time with their four adult children and their spouses, their growing roster of amazing grandkids and can often be found "hucking plastic" at Raptor's Knoll disc golf course. 

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Youth PastorNathan Archer

Youth Pastor

Nathan wants the world to know that Jesus impacts every area of life, and loves walking alongside others in the pursuit of holistic, life-long obedience to Jesus. In his free time, Nathan enjoys spontaneous midnight runs to Denny's, a variety of sports, and escaping BC's humid heat (he's originally from Alberta). Having said that, nothing compares to a good road trip with good friends.

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Exec PastorRod Adrian

Executive Pastor

Rod is thankful for the opportunity to serve others and be their biggest fan. His focus is on teamwork and helping people maximize their potential. You can find him engaging in adventures in the great outdoors, or coaching basketball in his spare time. Rod and his wife Amanda are experiencing life as empty nesters, so both are involved in many things, yet still chase their three adult children around in their activities.

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Women's PastorRushia Klassen

Women's Pastor

Rushia visibly pursues a lifestyle of sharing the love of Jesus, and celebrating his impact in the lives of people. She loves teaching the word of God and helping the hurting find hope. Adventures in the great outdoors and family time with her husband Dave and her kids is a must! Rushia loves exploring, traveling, learning, and hospitality.

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Worship Arts PastorWes Braun

Worship Arts Pastor

Wes is passionate about creating authentic spaces of worship for God to move in power. He loves using the arts to point people to Jesus, the true worship leader. To Wes, there is nothing more rewarding than seeing someone give their life to Christ for the first time. Wes enjoys creating music with his friends and editing photos in his favourite coffee shop.  If he doesn’t respond to your texts, you can assume he is out in the bush hiking a new trail.

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Central Heights Church is a member of the Mennonite Brethren Conference of British Columbia and the Canadian Conference of Mennonite Brethren Churches.