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Women's Small Groups

September to May

Wednesdays, 9-11am

"Who would have thought that one could do the CONTACTS program successfully on Hang Outs? Well, I have found it working well for me. Being relatively new to this church community, the chat times while everyone is getting on line have helped me feel more connected to the group. Beth Moore's study FOR ME TO LIVE IS CHRIST comes with a teaching DVD and individual workbooks. We take time to pray for needs within the group. Then our leader takes us through our workbook at an unhurried pace, allowing for discussion. There is good class participation, so it may take two sessions to complete the weekly lesson. We may even enjoy a coffee during our class. I am grateful that Central Heights Church rose to the challenge of  the pandemic."

Are you new to the church or to Women’s Ministries?

There’s room for you!

How does it work?

Mark your calendar Wednesdays 9-11am, register for a class, plan to meet with us on Zoom. Plan to grow in faith and friendship.

Can I bring my kids?

Unfortunately during this season we are unable to offer our regular kids' program.

Is there a fee?

During this season our registration fees have been waived, but you will need to purchase your own study book. We know there are seasons in life of financial stress, if that is your story - just chat with your facilitator. Come join us and be encouraged.

What kinds of classes are offered?

We have several different studies that include drop-in style; relational studies; topical studies; DVD series; and in-depth Bible studies.

We have closed our class registration for our Winter 2021 classes.

Our leadership team

Our team of leaders and co-leaders facilitate each class and provide an atmosphere of safety, friendship and care.

It really is a place to belong.

"The women’s group “Safe People” first & foremost gave ‘me’ a safe place to open up and discuss my life journey and obstacles I am facing with the other women. At the time I had no one else to talk to, besides my mom, and even then there were things I could not discuss as I felt judged from family. With this group I had accountability and was still able to ‘be myself’; honest, human and growing. The group pushed me to dig deeper into my faith & walk with God. I picked up chapters in the bible I had not read in years. It was refreshing to hear the perspective of the other ladies. The facilitator did an amazing job establishing the group and being so professional & approachable the whole journey. I would definitely recommend other women needing support and guidance to seek a group like this, or discuss with the women’s pastor where they are at, as I am 100% confident thru her example and faith in our Saviour, she will connect you with the right people."


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