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April 5

We’re So Glad You’ve Joined Us! 

Even though we may be physically separated from one another, we can still unite around a shared interactive experience that will guide you to pray, reflect, worship through song, and hear an encouraging message from the Bible to encounter God.

We hope this week’s “Church At Home” package encourages you to know and follow Jesus better. Welcome here!

Kids LessonS & RESOURCES

Use our downloadable lessons to enhance your experience with the kids videos above! Elementary kids can download our devotional GodTime pages to go through during the week. Tune in on our Kids Facebook or Instagram pages to join in the discussion together!  

preschool lesson      



Stay tuned for a special Good Friday service online later this week! As part of that package, be prepared to participate in communion at home! Have bread and juice/wine close by when you tune in. 


Group Discussion Guide [Optional]

 Matthew 16:13-26

    1. We’re in the midst of uncertain times. How has the COVID-19 spread affected your dreams or plans for the future?
    2. What is central to Jesus’ picture of the future in Matthew 16?
    3. What role will Peter play in the future that Jesus speaks about?
    4. We all play a part in the Church. 
      • What is your role in it? 
      • How has your role changed as this virus spreads? 
      • What could your role look like now, given the current situation we are in?
    1. How can we understand our dreams as a reflection of God’s dreams for us?
    2. Take time to consider how you can leverage the present Coronavirus crisis to align your thoughts/dreams with God’s. Share with at least one person. 
    3. Pray together.