give building for MORE

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What are you building for? 

Central Heights Church has a clear vision for the future: a movement of more and growing followers of Jesus, developing healthy churches for the glory of God and the flourishing of our city and the world. We continue to believe God for more. We want to see God glorified, we want to see more people come to Christ and we want to see those people grow in their relationship with Christ.

Our facility is vital to that vision and mission. 

  • We need a building that invites a new generation, with new expectations, into it. Just as we don’t listen to cassette tapes or dial a rotary phone anymore, we need to realize that our physical space needs to adapt.
  • We need a building that is inclusive of those with different and unique needs. Our washrooms need to be updated to be wheelchair accessible, spacious and parent-friendly, to create a welcoming environment for everyone.
  • We need a building that fosters a sense of relationships and community. Our culture looks to open-space environments like coffee shops to build relationships: our Coffee Connection has the opportunity to be a familiar and welcoming environment for newcomers.
  • We need a building that children can grow up in. Our children’s ministry is growing and we need to create a space where families feel confident that their children are leaning about Jesus in a healthy, safe and inviting place.
  • We need a building that allows staff to collaborate to build our ministries and impact more people for the glory of God.Our ministries depend on new and creative ideas as well as the enthusiasm of our team, all of which can be stimulated with a reimagined workspace.

The renovation has much to do with bricks and mortar, but know that this is a spiritual exercise. It requires vision, faith and real action – God’s work and our faith. We need everyone pulling on the rope together with prayer and giving, encouraging one another and trusting God – ultimately leading to more. More followers, more worship, more glory. We do this knowing that we serve a God who does more than we can ask, think, or imagine. Immeasurably more. 

So, what are you building for?