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Simply Jesus

When do you know that something is of great caliber? I would argue when it is stripped down to its simplest form and it does not lose any value or quality.

Let’s put this theory to the test.

A quality pour over coffee does not need anything added to it because it’s at its best when it is at its simplest form. Or take a diamond, it doesn't need to be embellished, coated or dressed up because it is incredibly stunning as it is and needs no introduction.

This is the same with Jesus and the gospel. The story and life of Jesus is powerful enough as it is and doesn't need to be embellished because the same Jesus who came into this world in humanity's simplest form is the same Jesus who conquered death by rising from the dead and is now seated at the right hand of the Father reigning both now and for eternity. Simply Jesus is essential.

Simply Jesus is enough.

Christmas Eve / 3pm & 5pm