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Christmas Eve

a christmas eve experience at central heights church

December 24, 4:00 pm + 6:00 pm

Aim to do at least 2 of these three things: 

Celebrate! Serve! Invite! 


It’s easy, it’s Jesus.

Join us at 4pm or 6pm for one (or both) of our services!  (Come early for hot drinks and treats.)


It’s easy, it’s essential.

We want to pull off the fullest Christmas Eve experience possible for our community, and have simple and important opportunities in 3 places.

Sign up (click here) with a friend, family, or even with your community group!



Smile + Wave.

You’ll be positioned at one of our 2 driveways and be the first point of contact for those driving in or driving by. You’ll also be the last point of contact for those driving out!  We’ll even supply you with some fun props.  


Greet + Open The Door.

You’ll be at one of our main entrances and welcome people in as they arrive.  We’ll even supply you with some fun extras to assist you in this key area! 


Sing + Spread Christmas Cheer

You’ll be outside singing Christmas carols to give our parking lot some added joy!





Setup + Handout Refreshments. [This Team is now full, thank you!]

You’ll supervise the distribution of hot drinks and baked goods - accompanied by some live music!


Welcome + Hold The Door.

You’ll be cheerfully stationed at the entrances to the worship centre and distribute our “Christmas Cards” as people enter.  



3 - THE KIDS AREA (at the 4pm service only)

We want to provide an option for the youngest among us (nursery and preschool) to be in an environment that is specially designed for them during our 4pm service.  *You don’t need to be on the Kids Team already, but we will ask you to complete a free online criminal record check.*


Play + Celebrate + Create with Nursery Aged Kids.

You’ll jump into our nursery with the littlest ones to enjoy a seasonal atmosphere of fun and care!


Play + Celebrate + Create with Preschool-aged kids.

You’ll enjoy the energy of experiencing and creating Christmas Eve bonus materials tied into the Worship Centre service!


Welcome + Check-In

You’ll be at our welcome desk, sign kids in, and help people find their way.  We’ll set you up for success with some exciting elements!



It’s easy, it’s effective.

We want as many people to celebrate Jesus with us and encounter the hospitality of our church on Christmas Eve. Your ask could be the greatest gift someone receives this December!



  • Ask in person and give an invite card (available on Sundays or at the church office Mon-Thurs).
  • Call, text or email too!


  • Share our “Facebook Event.”
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  • Share the digital invitation below (save it and send it).