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3s and 4s

Groups of 3s and 4s form organically as people invite others to join them in learning and growing in their relationship with Jesus.

Our Central Heights team equips the groups with resources. We want to empower you to do this well.

How do I form a 3s and 4s group?

The 3s and 4s groups happen naturally but with intentionality:

  1. First of all, pray and ask God who would be a good fit for your group. E.g. If you’re a guy, get together with a couple other guys. It maybe someone who is already in your circle. Or you could approach someone you already have a connection with– maybe someone in your existing small group.
  2. Then take them for coffee to discuss. Ask them to pray about it. Consider how you personally can build up the others in your group.
  3. When people have committed, determine a timeline and frequency – e.g. weekly for a month or bi-weekly for six months.
  4. Get in touch with the Central Heights team to explore what kind of teaching or study resources you could use.  

Here’s how a typical group meeting could look:

 Begin by reading the Bible together. (E.g. We have a great resource entitled One-to-One Bible Reading you can use.)

 Pray together, for one another, for our community, and others around the globe.

 Your group may also want to add an activity component (such as a service project).

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