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Multiple Services Frequently Asked Questions: 


Why are we going to multiple services?

Our vision is for more and growing followers of Jesus. We want to make room for them. Experience has shown that when churches are 80% full on the main floor and 50% full in the balcony (which we often are) growth begins to be restricted, limiting the number of people who will come to church on a Sunday morning.

Our current format with the coffee break in the middle of the service and merging those from Nikkel Hall during the break can be confusing for our new guests. Sometimes they go out to the foyer for coffee and come back to their seats which are now unknowingly occupied by others.   

For some, especially the unchurched, our current format is too long. (10.30am  – 12.15pm; typically 105 minutes) Without the coffee break as part of the service and with some additional fine tuning we intend to tighten the service times to 75 minutes. People can now make their own choice to connect with others over coffee etc. between or before services.

Multiple service times give people a variety of options to avoid scheduling conflicts. While we would hope that everyone would prioritize the gathering together with God’s people, in the reality of our busy lives, having another service time option could make the difference as to whether a person attends church on a given Sunday.

Churches go through life cycles: infancy, maturity, death. Going to multiple services breaks us out of the normal life cycle towards decline and creates a new cycle of growth. It also prepares us for planting churches as adding service(s) is often the first step in moving toward church multiplication, something we feel God is calling us to do.


How do we ensure that attendees from the various services have opportunity to interact?

Everyone is welcome and free to attend any of our services. It is likely that there will be some separation on a Sunday morning due to musical style and service time preferences. We are adding services in order to create opportunity for growth. As such we want to encourage people to explore other opportunities for interaction, which include: serving together in different capacities, participation in groups - 3s & 4s, small and mid-size groups - and other events.


What happens to the coffee and cookie break?

We won't have a coffee and cookie break with the new format, but we will have an expanded Coffee Connection area which will be a place for people to connect before, between and after services.


When will Bible classes happen for youth, adults and seniors?

They will happen during one of the two contemporary service times (9:00 or 11:00), so that people could attend both a class and a service on a Sunday morning.


Won't it look and feel very empty in the Worship Centre?

Yes, at first. But it if we keep God’s vision for “more and growing” in front of us and we all participate in God’s mission to reach others, by God’s grace, it will fill up over time.

At the start, to help create a more intimate family setting for worship and teaching, we will be limiting some areas of seating. Logistically, this will also help facilitate offering, communion, etc. As we grow we will expand the seating area accordingly.


When will the kids be dismissed?

While we currently have not finalized this detail, we are committed to having our children in the worship/music portion of our services and will be working with our Kids ministry team to find an optimal time for the kids to be dismissed to Kids church.


Why don’t we have a blended early service and not do another service in Nikkel Hall?

One of the key reasons to go to multiple services is to provide our people with options. At the same time, we need to keep in mind those who are leading our services. Two identical services in the Worship Centre is the most efficient use of the time and talents of those involved in leading and serving. Secondly, history has taught us that we do best when people are able to fully enjoy worshipping in the style that is most meaningful to them.


Will the same message be preached in all 3 services?

With the wonders of technology and some creative scheduling, the message will be the same in each service. Generally the message from the 9:00am service will be video recorded. That recording will be shown in the Nikkel Hall service with the option of being live again or recorded in the 11:00am service.  Having the services at staggered times allows for the option of live preaching in any or all of the 3 services as circumstances require, from time to time.


What about parking and traffic flow?

With our staggered service times, we are confident that our parking capabilities are adequate. We will be monitoring the situation in the first few weeks and will work to make corrections as needed.