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facilities rentals

We have various rooms and auditoriums available for rent throughout the week. Our facility has great access from the freeway, is recognizable and easy to find. Our parking lot is large enough for a full capacity crowd.

Worship Centre – Our main auditorium seats 1100 in theatre seats, has a full stage, sound and video systems, and lighting. It is suitable for concerts, conferences, theatre, weddings, and other large gatherings.

Nikkel Hall – This auditorium seats about 200 in chairs, has a stage and sound and video systems. It is suitable for smaller weddings and seminars.

Gymnasium – Our smaller size gym has a cement floor, which is good for sports. It has a seating capacity of 270 at round tables.

Classrooms – We have various sized rooms, with seating up to 50 per room. They are suitable as school classrooms, workshops, etc.


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