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overflow prayer focus - week 3

5-Week Prayer Focus
John 7:37-39
“Whoever believes in me, as Scripture has said, rivers of living water will flow from within them.”


Week 3

 Nov 12 • • •

Jesus begins this amazing life-giving promise with an invitation for each person first to be honest. Were they thirsty? Could they recognize thirst as thirst?

 Ask God to bless you with an honest awareness of longings he is forming in you. What is it he wants you to be aware of?


Nov 13 • • •

Jesus appealed to those who were spiritually thirsty. He offered them a true solution for this thirst – a relationship with him and with the Spirit. Spiritual thirst can only be satisfied in the context of a relationship with God.

 Are you thirsty? Thank the Lord for that thirst and trust him to deepen your relationship with him so the thirst will be satisfied.


Nov 14 • • •

God has more for you to experience in your relationship with him. There will continually and always be more!

 Ask God to remind you of some of the ways he has met your thirst as you have looked to him.  Ask him to help you to experience more of his intimate goodness in your relationship.


Nov 15 • • •

Jesus had to be glorified first before the Spirit would be given, but the path to glory was through the cross. Jesus never gave up on the ultimate goal of returning to his Father’s side, even as he went to the cross.

 Ask God to give you a keen awareness of the depth of Jesus’ resolve both to not turn back from the cross and to complete his work here for us before returning to his Father. That resolve opened the way for us!


Nov 16 • • •

Jesus was inviting them to acknowledge their need, come to him, and drink, knowing what he meant was they would receive the Holy Spirit. What they would find as the answer to their longing would become internalized (not external), and yet not be sourced in themselves. Rather it would be sourced in the Trinity. Wow!

Ask God to give us a vision of what it looks like to experience an internalized answer to God-given thirst, knowing with all certainty that the source of the supply is in the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.


Nov 17 • • •

The overflow blesses those around us and happens effortlessly because it isn’t us “trying to be a blessing.”

 Ask God to do in you all he desires to do today, so he can do through you all he has intended for today. Nothing more. Nothing less. And nothing else.


Nov 18 • • •

Jesus completed his call. This opened the way for us to have access to the Father. But it also opened the way for the Holy Spirit to have access to us. The gift of access to the Father, we understand and celebrate. But do we understand and celebrate the gift of the Holy Spirit having access to us?

 Ask God to give us all at Central Heights a sense of joy over the truth that the Holy Spirit has access to us because of Jesus’ completed work and glorification.  Ask him to fill us to overflowing with his Spirit.

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